These general terms and conditions are fully accepted by you (Merchant or Seller); as it govern your use of our website (hereinafter referred to as “Doubleglamour or”).You are not permitted to use this website if you disagree with any of these terms and conditions or any part therein or you are a minor.

  1. Doubleglamour Webite

By using, accessing or browsing Doubleglamour website you (Merchant or Buyer) agreed to be bound to the terms and conditions and the agreement therein. Also when you use any of the services offered by, you are subject to the rules, policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions that are specific to that service.

Doubleglamour is free to alter, amend, add, or remove any part of these Terms and conditions or Terms of Use at any time. 

It is your obligation to regularly check these Terms of Use or conditions for updates.

  1. Communications Channel 

You acknowledge and agree that Doubleglamour will communicate with you through electronic records when you use the Website, send emails to Doubleglamour, or send any information to You also agree and understand that will periodically provide feedback to you through electronic records. you may receive emails from or other forms of communication whether it be electronic or not.

  1. Links to Third Parties Website

Our website contains links to other websites that are owned and run by third Parties; these links are not endorsements. 

We have no control over the information on third-party websites, and we disclaim all liability for any loss or harm you may incur as a result of using third parties website; Doubleglamour does not guarantee t

 Links to Doubleglamour are welcome, it doesn’t imply that Doubleglamour is supporting or endorsing the website. 


  1.  The goods or products, information, and services on Doubleglamour’s website that are connected to Affiliates and other third parties’ websites are not under Doubleglamour’s control or responsibility. or other third-party websites that make use of Doubleglamour APIs.
  2. Doubleglamour may have links to third-party websites of affiliated businesses and other businesses; however, Doubleglamour is not responsible for examining or evaluating the products or services available from these businesses, and Doubleglamour makes no representations  regarding any such third-party websites or their content (s); any website or its content that belongs to a third party is not, in any way, supported by Doubleglamor. 


  1. Creating an Account / Registration

When you sign up for an account on Doubleglamour website Doubleglamou believe you must have attained the age of 18 years or above and understand that you are accountable for all activities carried out using your User ID and Password as well as for keeping your User ID and Password confidential, you acknowledge that Doubleglamour has the right to suspend or terminate your membership with Doubleglamour or indefinitely block access to your account, and deny you access to the website if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete. has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information. Note that:


  1. When creating an account on Doubleglamour, you will be required to provide your email address, user ID, and password. You also consent to the following:
  2. You ensure to keep your password private; alert us right away in writing if you notice any password disclosures.
  3. you will be held liable for any losses that occur from your failure to keep your password private, and you are responsible for any activity on our Doubleglamour as a result of negligence.
  4. You must use your account solely for your own purposes; you may not give your login information to anybody else.
  5. You do so at your own risk if you provide any third party permission to handle your account on your behalf.
  6. At any time, at our sole discretion, and without prior warning or justification, we may suspend or terminate your account.
  7. ACCOUNT Closure

You understand that account closure is free of charge, and you have the legal right to request for account closure. When you choose to close or terminate your account with us kindly get in touch with us in writing at [email protected]

  1. Participation/Eligibility

You must be at least 18 years old in order to access, use, or conduct or transact business on the Doubleglamour website. only those who are eligible to enter into legally enforceable contracts under Nigerian governing laws are permitted to use the Doubleglamour Website. 

Underage users are not permitted to register as members or transact business on and are not permitted to do business on the website or use any of its features. 

If you are a minor and would like to use or transact on Doubleglamour your legal guardian may do so. 

However, Doubleglamor retains the right to revoke your membership and deny you access to the website, your account or registration will also be canceled if it is brought to Doubleglamour’s attention. or if it is determined or discovered or noticed that you are under 18 years old.


  1.   Utilization Of Doubleglam Website

Using Doubleglamour website you acknowledge, accept, and confirm that the following terms and conditions will apply to your usage of

You confirm, agree, and undertake that the following laws and regulations will be carefully followed when using or Doublglamour website, you are not permitted to publish or share any information that:

  1. Belongs to another person over which You have no legal authority
  2. You shall not hoste, display, upload, modify, publish, transmitte, update, including photo, video, or recording of any person(s)  without that person’s express written authorization, or those of a minor (regardless of whether you have consent from the minor.
  3. Breaches or infringes on the rights of any third party, including but not limited to those related to intellectual property, privacy, or the unauthorized disclosure of any person’s identity, email address, physical address, or phone number or any form of contact.


  1. You Are Not Permitted Or Allowed To:
  2. Attempts or gain unauthorized access to the sites or to profiles, blogs, communities, account information, or other areas of the sites; or exceeds the scope of authorized access; or requests passwords or other personal identify or information from other users for any purposes.
  3. Encourage or violates any patent, trademark, proprietary rights, or the rights of publicity or privacy of any third party.
  4. Sales of things that are fake or stolen.
  5. Pose as someone else or any form of impersonation.
  6. send or transmit or inject any computer viruses or other code, files, or programs that intended to stop, disable, or restrict the use of any computer or is infected with any forms of virus that have the potential to harm, hack or steal any system, data, or private information of any persons, third party or individual.
  7.   Subject us to responsibility or result in the loss (in full or in part) of our ISPs’.
  8. Access, acquire, copy, or monitor any portion of Doubleglamour Website or any Content by means or automatic device, program, or in any way circumvent the navigational structure of the Website or any Content, in order to obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents, or information through any means.


  1. You agree, undertake, and confirmed that using Doubleglamour website you are strictly bond and governed by the following principles, rules and regulations of Doubleglamour website, and acknowledge, accept, and confirm that the following terms and conditions will apply to your usage of Doubleglamour website.
  2. You shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part or features of the Doubleglamor website, or to any systems or networks connected to Doubleglamor website through hacking, password mining or illegal means.
  3. you are not permitted to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the Doubleglamour website, any network linked to it, or the security or authentication procedures on  the Doubleglamour website or any network to which it is connected.
  4. You must not use the Doubleglamour website or any service or information made available or offered by Doubleglamour in any way with the intent to reveal any information, including but not limited to personal information, or trace or attempt to trace any information of any  user, visitor to the, or any other customer of
  5. You agree not to use any tool, program, or routine to obstruct or attempt to obstruct the correct operation of the website, or any transaction being carried out on the website, or the use of the website by any other person. You are not permitted to use the Website or any Content for any illegal or forbidden purposes under these Terms of Use, or to solicit or to engage in any illegal or prohibited act that violates the rights of doublglmour or other users.
  6. you agree to grant Doulelamour a non-exclusive, worldwide,  irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to exercise the copyright, publicity, or any other rights you have in Your Information, with respect to any media now known or not currently known, solely to enable to use the information you supply us and to ensure that we are not infringing upon any rights you might have in your data.
  7.   Your Information will be usd in accordance with the terms of service and Doubleglamour’s privacy policy, You will occasionally be in charge of disseminating details about the goods or services you plan to sell on  our website and promise, ensure, that all of this information will be correct in every way in this connection.
  8. You must not overemphasize the benefits of such products or services in order to deceive other Users  or buyers in anyways.
  9. products images that you intend to sell on may not be  copied and pasted from other websites; instead, they must be original images and not content that has been uploaded on other websites. and you agree to hold Doubleglam harmless from any related third-party claims in the event that you disobey this terms and conditions
  10.       Doubleglamour always reserves the right to disclose any information (including the identities of those who contribute content to the Doubleglamour website as may be required to do so in order to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, or valid governmental request. This may entail, without limitation, disclosing the information in connection to probe into alleged criminal behavior or the solicitation of illegal activity, as well as in compliance with a valid court ord
  11.       Doubleglamour maintains the right to monitor, edith and remove any content posted on the Doubleglamour website, in its sole discretion violate or alleged to violate these terms of use, rules and regulation or Guidelines
  12. Doubleglamour have no obiligation to supervise, oversee or monitors contents posted on


  1. Terminations

Doubleglamour retains the unrestricted right to alter or stop offering any aspect of our products and services, whether temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. Doubleglamour won’t ever be held responsible for changing or eliminating the availability of any products or services on the website.


  1. The Materials, Messages, Comments 

Content are materials, text, graphics, audio, video audio, scripts, and software that you submit to Doubleglamour for publication, storage, processing, or further transmission. not limited to product reviews, feedback, comments, or communication.

Not that:

  1. The submitted Content may not necessarily represent the opinions of
  2. Doubleglamour shall in no way be liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, or expenses arising out of the use or the appearance of, any posted Content on
  3. You hereby agree that all  the Content or information shall not violate any third parties’ proprietary or other rights.
  4. By using Doubleglamor website, you understand and agree that Doubleglamor will not be liable for the use of any personal information that you publicly publish or share with others on Doubleglamour does not endorse such unauthorized uses. Choose the information you share with others or make public on with care.
  5. your content must be true, complete, and truthful, appropriate, civil, and in accordance with generally accepted internet etiquette and behavior standards. It may not be offensive, indecently pornographic or sexually explicit, violence or be blasphemous or otherwise violate laws against racial or religious discrimination or misleading, fraudulent, abusive, harassing, threatening, hostile, discriminating, or inciting; or irritate, unconfortable  or constitute spam for us to use, in line with the general terms and conditions
  6.   Your content must not be illegal, unlawful, violate anybody’s legal rights, or be able to lead to legal action being taken against anyone.
  7. Your content must not violate or infringe upon any intellectual property right, including any copyright, moral right, database right, trademark right, design right., privacy, or under laws governing data protection.
  8. You may not use Doubleglamour to connect to any website or web page that contains or consists of material that would violate the terms and conditions of Doubleglamour website or send Doubleglamour any content that is currently or has previously been the subject of legal action, legal threats, or another complaint of a similar nature. or provide false or inaccurate product reviews via the review feature or any other form of contact.
  9.       You agree to use caution and good judgment when communicating with other users, as all Doubleglamour users are solely liable for interactions with other users, any private information, such as credit card numbers.must not be sent to any one. We reserve the right to evaluate your content on a regular basis and to remove any of it at any time for any reason.
  10.       You can contact us if you become aware of any illegal content or activity on our website or content or activity that violates our general terms and conditions. @[email protected]


  1. Charges reserves the right to add new services and change some or all of the Products and services its currently offers at its sole discretion. 

In such a situation, Doubleglamor reserves the right, without prior notice to you for introducing fees for newly offered services, to amend/introduce fees for currently available services, or to periodically change policies. 

Any modifications to the fee and associated policies will automatically take effect as soon as they are posted on the Doubleglamour website. 

13   Sales Guideline and Conditions.

All product’s cost will be specified in the appropriate product listing and all items must meet all material requirements of the product listing and any other description of the products supplied or made available by the merchant to the customer must be of satisfactory and of good quality, fit and safe for the purpose described in them, physical or digital goods, must be free from encumbrances from third parties, that they are the sole legal and beneficial owners of the goods, and that they are in possession of good title.

  1. Disclaimer of Liabilities

Under these general terms and conditions, our total liability to you with respect to any contract for the provision of services to you shall not exceed the whole amount paid and payable to us under such contract or transactions and  new or fresh contract will be created for each unique transaction made on Doubleglamour website.


  1. We shall not be responsible to you for any loss or damage, including but not limited to:
  2. Any losses brought on by a website malfunction or outage or losses brought on by a circumstance or circumstances beyond our control;
  3. Any corruption or loss of any program or data database; or any specific indirect or subsequent loss or harm.
  4. Doubleglamour makes no guarantees that this website, its servers, electronic messages (information, content, materials ) made available to you through Doubleglamour website are free of viruses or other harmful components.
  5. If Doubleglamour is unable to deliver any of these products to you due to any eason(s) or the other, Doubleglamour will refund or credit your account for the amount it received from the sale of the unavailable product(s).
  6. While placing an order on, you must enter a working phone number.By providing us with your phone number, you give Doubleglamour permission to contact you by phone and/or SMS when there are any developments regarding your order, shipment, or delivery. You hereby certify that all legal delivery details required for the ordered products to be delivered to your location shall be specified.


  1. Violation Of General Terms And Conditions

Doubleglamour reserves the right to restrict your activity, remove your information, notify other Users of your activities immediately, suspend or terminate your membership, ban your membership, and/or deny you access to the website or momentarily block, deactivate your account account or prevent you from ever being able to access Doubleglamor website or take strict legal action or referring you to the appropriate law enforcement or other authorities for criminal or other proceedings against you, in the event that  if:

  1. You violate these general terms of use /conditions, Privacy Policy, or Guideline or Contract.
  2. Any information you supply cannot be verified by Doubleglamour.
  3. Consider your activities could subject you or third party or other Users, to legal liability.
  4. Create or use different account to get around any suspension, ban, or blocking of your access to our website until that user has been restored by Doubleglamour,Doubleglamour reserves the right to restore suspended users at any moment.


  1. Privacy

We hold the preservation of Your privacy to be a fundamental value. We store and handle Your Information on computers that may be protected by suitable technological security methods and procedures as well as physical security measures. 

In compliance with the agreements, Doubleglamour will handle any personal information collected through our website in accordance with the Cookie Notice and Privacy Policy.You can access our most recent privacy policy at Privacy Policy Page.

  1. Posted Contents

In line with our Privacy Policy, Doubleglamour is free to use the Content or any of its components indefinitely for any purpose, including but not limited to promotional and advertising campaigns in any medium,  and you acknowledge that any Content you upload may be used by Doubleglamour in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Rules of Conduct on the Site, and that you will not be paid or otherwise compensated for such use also note that:

  1. You offer us a royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, store, publish, translate, and distribute your work or material on our our website, in all of our marketing platforms, and any current and upcoming media and you hereby waive all moral rights in your content or work in the fullest.
  2. You give us permission to sue for infringement of the licensed rights or moral right or any other right.
  3. You are responsible for any messages, images, emails, informations, videos, audio files, or other materials that you post or transmit to the sites.
  4. Without Doubleglamour’s written consent, no portion of Content may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, displayed, translated, transmitted in any way including “mirroring” to any other computer, server, website, or other medium or distribution or for any commercial purposes.


  1. Payment

You must follow the Payments Information and Guidelines on the Doubleglamour in order to make payments, under these general terms and conditions, all payments related to purchases of products and Services must be made in the currency acceptable by the Central Bank of Nigeria. if you choose to use one of the payment options provided by Doubleglamour you understand and agree that Dubleglamour will not be liable for any loss or damage you may sustain due to:

  1. Going beyond the limit mutually agreed upon by you and your Bank.
  2. Any problems with payments resulting from your Bank.


  1. Shipment Contract

All products bought from are produced in accordance with a shipment contract. Until ownership of the item is transferred to you, Doubleglamour shall bear the risk of loss. The customer is responsible for any damage that occurs after delivery of the goods.



You agree to hold us harmless from and indemnify us against the following:

Any and all losses, damages, costs, liabilities, and expenses, without limitation, attorney fees and any amounts paid by us to a third party to resolve a claim or dispute that we may incur or suffer as a result of your use of our website or any violation of any provision of these general terms and conditions or guidelines; and if you fail to pay, withhold, disclose, or register to pay any VAT or other tax that is legally owed, in regard to any sale, supply, or purchase made through Doubleglamour.

  1. Services or Products Description makes an effort to provide reliable information, However, does not guarantee that the descriptions of products or services or other site information are complete, current, or error-free.  If a product or service on is defective kindly send it back to us unopened.


25 Plagiarism Complaint

At Doubleglamour, we value other people’s intellectual property. 

You can contact us if you believe that someone has duplicated your work in any way that violates your copyright at: [email protected]


  1. Logos and Copyright

All content on this website is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights we control, all that belong to third parties who have granted us a license to use their content. This includes all photos, audio clips, and video clips. 

The content on is only for your private use and non-commercial use and You may not, directly or indirectly, use such material for any other purposes, including copying, reproducing, republishing, uploading, posting, transmitting, or distributing it via any methods.

  1. Removal / Withdrawal of Services

Doubleglamour retains the unrestricted right to alter or stop offering any aspect of our products and services, whether temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. You agree that under no circumstances will Doubleglamour be liable to you or any third party for any alteration to or removal of any option for purchasing products or services on the website.

  1. Pricing issues and typographical errors Doubleglamour reserves the right to correct price discrepancies due to typographical errors on products or service. As a result, cancel any orders that were placed, and refund any money that was paid. The method of refund will be the same as when the purchase was placed.
  2. Returns and Refunds

We will handle returns in accordance with the guidelines on Doubleglamour’s returns page as they may be updated from time to time. Buyers may return products, and sellers may accept returned goods. 

Returns may be accepted at our discretion. Refer to the Doubleglamour refunds page, as it may be updated from time to time, it governs how reimbursements for returned goods are handled. Returns and Refund policies will be applied at our discretion, subject to applicable laws.


  1. Merchant Policies.

Merchants  merchandising on Doubleglamour website must ensure and comply to the following policies merchant must: 

  1. Give accurate, and current information about their products on Doubleglamor website.
  2. Guarantees the integrity and completeness of the product information presented on the Doubleglamour website;

If a buyer has a complaint regarding the completeness or accuracy of the product information obtained from a merchant including where Doubleglamour is the merchant , the buyer may seek redress from the relevant merchant by contacting us: [email protected]


  1. Agreement

 Doublglamor may add or remove services at its sole discretion. Some of the additional services may have their own fees, the merchant will be notified prior to the provision of the relevant services while the merchant consented to pay Doubleglamour for such services.


  1. Order Cancellation

In the event that Doubleglamour is unable to fulfill an order that has been placed, Doubleglamour reserves the right to cancel it, Doubleglamour will make sure that the cancellation is communicated to the relevant party in a timely manner and any applicable refunds are processed promptly.

  1. Merchant Agreements  

Apart from the terms and conditions, you agreed to the following rules:


  1. You are free to share our newsletter, promotional materials, and links to any products on our website.
  2. You may only use our website for marketing needs, including selling products. or making purchases from the website.
  3. You are not allowed to create an excessive burden on our website’s resources such as bandwidth, storage unit or processing power.
  4. You are not allowed to use any robot, or other automated method to access or engage with our website, except search engines or  through our publicly accessible interfaces.
  5. We retain the right to discontinue or limit your access to certain portions of our website relating to the functionality of our website or bott for instance, when server maintenance or website updates, is on going in such cases your access to the website could be restricted.


  1. General Notes

You are making an offer to us to buy iterm(s) or service when you submit an order for goods or services on Doubleglamour  websit Please be aware that all your purchases are either directly from or other merchants, if the product is marked “Sold by Doublelmor” redemption will be made available via


Contact Us:

Kindly send any inquiries regarding this website including those regarding copyright infringement to: [email protected]